Dimond Hospitality Consulting Group

Acquisition Due Diligence

The acquisition due diligence period is relatively short by comparison to the critical information needed by a hotel buyer to make an informed decision. Clients and/or their attorneys have engaged Dimond Hotel Consulting Group to perform, discover and/or analyze some or all of the information on the following partial list:

  • Evaluate the organizational structure and management team
  • Provide an opinion of the hotel’s brand affiliation as it relates to market
  • Assess hotel technology and identify necessary upgrades
  • Arrange for transfers of various licenses and permits
  • Obtain a list of vendors
  • Validate accounts receivable and payable
  • Collect all contracts and other documents  for attorneys
  • Verify the validity of the business booked for the future
  • Arrange for an appraisal
  • Develop an estimate of capital improvement needs